Thursday, May 1, 2008


Ah - that love was not so blind-
that this euphoria of pleasant images
could be prolonged...

pity -
that it canna' be...

At least,
not in this life


I have everything I could ever want,
Every pleasure is available to me-
shouldn't I be satisfied?

Man can never be sated-
not whilst he is troubled by the hunger for ALL
and - even then - man would be troubled by ambitions for owning the
unknown itself! And so, Life's goal is unattainable is it not? We waste what is in our grasp and dream about that which can never be ours...

something so very basic eludes me-
Something so close to the 'reality' of what we are and what we are
meant to be- dances tantalizingly out of reach. Something That I am aware of subconsciously- but something that cannot be fully fathomed by a mind prejudiced by science and our current level of "technology" Ha! What we have searched so futiley for, for so long has always remained within our grasp.
Everything "imaginable" everything that humans could ever have the capacity to learn, everything humans could ever TRULY KNOW is locked in this - brain-
this brain that we do not fully use- that we do not fully apply!

s'truth it is...

Naked by the computer - man's mind hath built-
I know.
And that- to me, is answer enough.

So. AM i more ignorant than the rest for wallowing in my self-inferred
retrospect? self-provoked actually- or am I just accepting the apathy that grips us all? I feel that I should shout- and run amongst those of knowledge and let them hear of these- my humble or not so humble conclusions- and take heed-
but... no...

Each human, each person (rather) can only take what conclusions their
own mind/brain provides. At least, this is true with those of truly
independent thought processes. Each idea revealed to me - is only a mad
insight to others- Should I strive to convince others of the TRUTH of my statements?


It is in my nature to say "no". I will not/could not force my insights upon others - Far better that they take their own insights
(however flawed) instead of taking mine(however flawed). It is ludicrous to continue this self-analyzation, is it not? Does it matter? ...the eternal question - one which I can answer. Simply, most finally- YES! Because your existence matters to only one - yourself. Do whatever it is that you think you were truly meant for - as long as it keeps you happy...Because - to me – that is the only thing that really matters
(however flawed my logic may be)

Dare You Question it?

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