Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Owned but not taken

Sacrifice me to your indecency
Pull me down within your darkness
Consume me and be consumed in turn

Worship me at the altar of your lost pleasures
Let me become the dreams you never allow to come true
Use me, use me, use me up

Thats what I was born for
Thats what I live for
Thats what I would die for

In this life, I am owned but not taken
I am the careless possession of someone who needed me desperately enough to have to hold me,
but never enough to want to find out what i needed to hold.

I am owned but not taken

Take me-
Take me,

I will not solve your problems
I will not complete you
I will not bring you eternal paradise

I will bring you the moment. I will bring you desire. I will bring you love.
I will love you with every fiber of my being for a blissful blinking of your mindseye.
I will let you take my love, and I will take yours

And for a moment, perfection will be ours.

but just for a moment....

(inspired by GFW)

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