Thursday, May 1, 2008

Forgive us our Whims

Forgive us our whims

Confused yet? Oh well, its all good,

Live my life like its already gone
Voice my pain from dusk til dawn
No one cares, but its no matter
I've no heart left to shatter-
Drunken rhymes and drunken fools,
Little less useful than broken tools

Spill your blood, open your heart
Split your body and soul apart-
Two damn sides to every single thing...
No good does the combination bring.

Once loved, twice damned.
aint that the fuckin truth

Ah, this drunken prose is what brings the only smiles to a face jaded by the sins of others.
I live for moments like this, where I bring MYSELF into focus. Sober, my id is a murky cloud of indifference. Smashed, I find meaning in the simplest picture. I find hope in the fact that I have none.

Dull your convictions with alcohol and orgasm.
Twist your soul with ectasy and commitment.
The only thing that peace brings is DEATH.
And, the only thing that Death brings is PEACE.

Live your life, Die your Death, hope your hope, Fade into your faith.
Do it the way you want to.
Cause that is the only way worth doing anything...
ckb 4/21/99

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Freida Bee said...

Oh, a gem this is (the site and piece).