Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alone Beside Her

Alone Beside Her

Sometimes, even next to her, I feel all alone
Her eyes are full of secrets, and her heart is like a stone
I reach out and touch her, to make my presence known
Yet- Ignorant, Ignoble, and Ignored, I am hers to disown.

A glance, a touch, a smile, a kiss I crave-
And everything she doesn't do hits me like a crashing wave.
The apathy that shrouds her chills me as I near her-
And my love for her is so much, that I often fear her...
Will I ever earn from her the empathy to forgive?
I feel that without her hope, I have lost the will to live.

So each day I bear my burdens, shoulder her guilt like a pack-
and hope that each new careless act she performs- won't be the
one that breaks this camel's back...

Without a Life that holds a Love- True-
Then all things become false- So I do what I do.
Maybe one day, she will open her eyes,
And no longer will I be a creature to despise


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