Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sons, at a distance

I unfriended Andrew and Evan today.

"Sometimes you just have to cut them loose. Done"

I sent this message to Lauren.

I sure hope with all my heart that what happened to Evan and Andrew does not happen to Tristan. Its my worst fear. I will try to do my best to keep my connection as a father as best as I can after you took him away.

But it sure did not work out well with those two. They could not even be bothered to call me about Grandma Berryhill passing away. I left them voicemails and texts- and not for me- I wanted them to call MY Dad and offer him some condolences. Even after everything Lee Berryhill has done to me- I asked them to offer him that mercy. But, that's just more effort than they had in them. I don't know what fucked up shit their mother did to make them this way- but I will do anything you want me to, to prevent you from doing the same to Tristan.

We are his family too.

But beyond that, just teach him the right things to do in life. I cant be there. Not when hes 1000 miles away. So, its up to you. Please don't teach him to think that this side of his family does not matter, the way Trish taught Evan and Andrew.

Because it is fucking heartbreaking.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mentoring Anti Authority since the 60's

Kirby King passed away this week. (Known as Tychis Kano to his Austin Hippie Hollow friends). He is going to be missed. He was an original, and probably at least one third of why I am the way I am today. I like to think I helped spread the insanity to those I've been a mentor to through the years.

Above is a scan of a letter he mailed me, in 1991 and below is a letter I had written him from 1992.

To Kirby King, my mentor

    Herr King:

What's up? Not too fucking much here. Just kicking back in front

of my computer, writing you back. kind of a lethargic mood, so expect a boring letter... called your pops he said you were no longer in residence, didnt know if he was lying or not. If he gets this letter to you, call me at work any week day after five. I work everyday except Friday. Didnt get to go to the Metallica/Guns and Roses show. I worked for shawn so him and his bitch could go. It was supposedly an excellent concert. And I've been informed that I have to work for him Oct.1 which is the date of Ozzys concert (No more tours/tears) Oh well. Not much in the Big D just listening to Z rock and half ass attending college when I don't sleep late, have a hangover, or have some girl in my bed.

(Mainly hangovers) I decided i'd send you some of the fucked up shit I have been typing on my word processor program on the computer here for posterity, I guess. Enjoy it. It will be famous some day when I'm dead. So if you are still alive at that time you can sell it for mega bucks or some shit.

    So Todds got a girlfriend with a mind. When did they start adding

those to females? Must've been an option package. Tell him he better check her medical history (He might be dating the result of a sex change operation).

        So when are you gonna show up here. It has been a summer full of kegs and beer and pools and women and drugs. I also work 40 hours a week in my spare time. These people aren't your average Frat dicks, either,.they are actually pretty cool. The chicks are all bitches, but havent they always been? I got a girlfriend, Blonde and good lookin too,! Scared of that. She doesn't believe in giving head. I shall make a believer out of here before it is over with. Well enough bullshit.

So you have been listening to Spin Doctors, Faith no more, etc. huh I been listening to ALice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, My life with the Thrill kill kult, Utah Saints, Sisters of mercy... Heard of any of them? I am gonna send you a picture I drew (While asleep at work) so cherish it also. i didnt finish it but I think its cool so frame it on your wall or something (if you have to use it for toilet paper, please wipe with the blank side)

What the hell I'll send you two pictures cause i got this other one that I drew while sleeping in class.

 hey hey hey hey

      I guess  i will take off now. Stay Drunk and remember - Decadence is its own reward (heard that from an evangelist) little does he know how true that statement it is. Oh - hasn't Todd graduated yet?


     Your Disciple of anti Authority
                                           Sidekick to Chaos
                                            Igor to your Frankenstein
                                Sept.10 1992 11:32am                                 
                            Wondering if there is life after college..

Chris Topher Ki Rk Berry Hill                                              later....

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ode to a Grandma

And, we buried Grandma today.

Ma-Ma. Helen Berryhill. Matriarch, Icon, Heart of the Berryhill clan.

It still has not hit me, her being gone. Like with Mom, my mind kept the loss at arm's length, for a time.

I know it will hit me. But right now, my heart is in limbo and my mind skirts the loss.

Listening to music. Girls have gone out, to go out to eat with Dad and Family. The obituary I wrote was well-received. Everyone seems to have "gotten" it. Even Dad. It was as close to the truth as this family gets....

The family knows. I guess I was shocked at how many of them understood what I was saying. Maybe Dad, Ryan and I are far more transparent than I believed. ?  But, it was good. Sometimes you got to quit holding that pain inside.

It was a good day.

And, now , I'm working slowly through my own pain- walking the labyrinth of my psyche, and twisting my way through the path to my own twisted heart.

And once I arrive at my destination, I'm hoping I will be able to sit myself down, exhale.

And find where I go from here.

Mom, gone. Ma gone. and now, Ma-Ma. I've had the blessing of all these strong, powerful women in my life. Everyone knows I'm wild and crazy and rebellious and Fuck you all and all that- but I've been tempered by these ladies existing in my life, and judging my actions.

and now, they are all gone from my life. I don't care about anyone else's judgement- Except, the young ones in my life- my children. And, their judgement does not hold the weight that my elders did.

Whew. Exhale. Exhale. exhale...

And now, the trick is to breathe in, and live life to my own standards, to my own judgement.

and hope that I don't fail myself.