Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sons, at a distance

I unfriended Andrew and Evan today.

"Sometimes you just have to cut them loose. Done"

I sent this message to Lauren.

I sure hope with all my heart that what happened to Evan and Andrew does not happen to Tristan. Its my worst fear. I will try to do my best to keep my connection as a father as best as I can after you took him away.

But it sure did not work out well with those two. They could not even be bothered to call me about Grandma Berryhill passing away. I left them voicemails and texts- and not for me- I wanted them to call MY Dad and offer him some condolences. Even after everything Lee Berryhill has done to me- I asked them to offer him that mercy. But, that's just more effort than they had in them. I don't know what fucked up shit their mother did to make them this way- but I will do anything you want me to, to prevent you from doing the same to Tristan.

We are his family too.

But beyond that, just teach him the right things to do in life. I cant be there. Not when hes 1000 miles away. So, its up to you. Please don't teach him to think that this side of his family does not matter, the way Trish taught Evan and Andrew.

Because it is fucking heartbreaking.

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Faded said...

I have no idea what the situation is with your girls these days, but I hope to hell it is better than what my relationship with Evan and Andrew has deteriorated to. I thought a woman breaking your heart hurt. Its nothing compared to having your children do it.