Monday, May 27, 2013

Love Thine Enemy- for your own sake

Damn... reading about some despicable doings- 

Whatever "side" you find yourself on- DON'T let yourself become part of the problem. If you are a christian- Put what is right before your politics. If you are atheist- do the same. Don't become a part of the problem- It's easy to take the humanity away from your enemies, and, in doing so- allow yourself the ability to commit atrocity.

 Love thine enemy- and you kill the atrocity before it is borne- and before you allow yourself to justify committing it. If we can all do this- we might just save the world. It's a lot easier to hate than it is to love. I might just find a lot more to love about Jesus- IF i could find more christians who understood what the fuck he was talking about

Friday, May 10, 2013

Finding her heart


Me: Today my failures are starker. I kneel down before a fate I know that I have brought upon myself and I want easy ways out.
Please- save me...


Me: Just another day of taking care of everyone but myself. I will be so glad when the girls are out of the house and i can breathe my own air,


Me: God, I am close to tears, and I never cry. I wish you were here, my fantasy made flesh, just to hold you for a brief moment and fall into my own heart wrapped up around you- giving you my everything for even just a moment.


Me: You know, i don't give a damn how you interpret it, or even if you believe it- I love you. Its just as strong now as it ever was. And i'm even sorry for telling you this.


Me: You are you- I am not in love with your figure or your attitude- I'm in lovew with the way you've looked at me, the way your body shudders when i kiss u like you don't even trust yourself with me.I love your sadness and your neediness and i love your confidence and your smile- the one that makes my heart burn itself down inside just to see it.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Unquick Fixes

...When you can't identify the evil in your own heart, you are well and truly fucked. It's easy to point out what's wrong with the world. Find whats wrong with YOU- and thats the only way you'll ever make the world a better place.