Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Connigh ort

When you think you have nothing more to give

When you think you have nothing left

you half-ass want nothing more. You want it to be over, on some level

but you know it aint.

and everyone around you is quitting, in every fucking way, in every fuckng manner

and you hear the whispers in your ear - "lay down. rest. give up. give in. give it away."

and you just want peace. The peace of nothing. the peace of the grave. the glorious techni-fucking-color end to hang your hat on

And you lie down, in the dirt.
and you look up one last time, and say fuck it, fuck this, fuck everything.


and then you get pissed off at yourself, for finding that last little bit of you, that even YOU didnt know was there. And you pull yourself up, by your last little bit of will. And you dust yourself off

And you laugh at the bullshit of it all.

You can't quit. because you are addicted to the hell and the pain of it all.

Peace is for pussies.

Today's message


Monday, August 29, 2011

Creations taking new forms

My blogger friend Busker has been visiting the actual House of the Rising sons heah in Texas, and in comparing our artistry, we decided to collaborate to create a song or two, (and maybe, hopefully more).

He picked thru some of my writing and poetry, and liked the one that follows below, "The Toast". It's a very personal piece, and one that he has a lot of empathy with these days. He's written the piano music for it, as well as worked out the vocal stylings. I'll get the song posted as soon as he gets it recorded.

The Toast

Roomful of faces again, looking to me, their eternal host,
I raise my glass, look past their emptiness and utter this toast-

How did I know that this could be my fate?
How can I hate something I never could appreciate?
Riddles of Life-Love-Lust, of Demons and Drink,
And I only smile the widest as I stumble at the brink...

A drunken marionette, chaos unwound with the face of a clown
Laughing at the Creator while coveting his crown,
I curse it all and refuse to believe in Him on his throne,
for if there really is a heaven- then I'll be eternally Alone.

So, Pour me another, to drown this fool's sorrows
Here's to you, and no more tomorrows.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trust a woman,..

Trust a woman....

...to be a woman.

Let love rule. Love people for who they are, not who you wish they were.

Enjoy the things that you love about a person. Discard and disregard those things you dislike. If the things you enjoy about them don't outweigh the things that irritate you, then let that person go.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Winning is losing is winning.

The best way to win with a woman is when they don't even realize you have won. In fact, the best possible outcome in a man-woman conflict is when they go away thinking that they have one-upped you, no matter what the reality ended up being.

A bad outcome is when you have come out on top, and they know you have. Because then their vengeful streak may come out and they will have to do something, no matter how subtle, to undercut your "victory." A lot of times you will never become aware of the "equalizer" that they will employ in these situations, And then, you lose, because you thought it was over. Alas, it's never over-until they believe they are ahead.

The worst possible outcome is when you win, and they know you have won. And then, for some completely stupid macho man reason, you make them acknowledge that you have won. This is the surest road to ruin.