Thursday, January 20, 2011

Office Politics

I like my job. I love my job duties. I hate working with these office barracuda bitches. But, as far as effort versus compensation- it's a perfect fit for me and my mindset right now. Could I go further? Sure, if I applied some office politickin' of my own. But I truly don't care for that. More responsibility equals greater pay but also incurs much more time and stress that would bleed over into my personal life.

I have achieved a high level of focus on my family right now- and its taken a good while to get where I am at - on the family front. Some people may not consider that a goal or even something to work towards- but to me, its my true occupation, even if the pay and the hours suck! lol. I work a lot of overtime, and I am driven to succeed and work at a high level (higher than my co-workers, most assuredly). But I don't feel the desire to put in that extra 10% over the 110% I already put in at work. And I sure don't feel the need to compete with the supervisors and the coordinators and the people over me.

That's a self-imposed level of stress I don't need. But i sure wish that those people who do desire that greater level of self-importance and "success" in their chosen occupation would rain less shit upon me in their own miniscule gamemanship to get up that corporate ladder- or even just hang on to the rung they are at.

I just don't give a shit about the daily game of who has usurped whose authority. This job, it pays the bills. Its not who I am, it's not what I am. It's not even really a part of who/what I am. It is a meaningless endeavor to line the pockets of someone else. I am a cog. I dont desire to be a pulley. Its just not that important to me in the grander scheme of things. I am a worker bee. I'm goood with that. To all the Queens of the hive- Let us work in peace once in a while. We don't subscribe to your theory of how the world works- so please, stop selling us that line of shit that is supposed to motivate US in your goal of domination. But I know they can't help themselves. And that's all part of it too.

Buzz. Buzz. back to work.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dating and" too much sex in a relationship"

Dating again... Got an ultimatum today from a woman I'm casually dating about sex and it made me think-

Point to Ponder for the women out there- If you are worried that the relationship may be TOO sexual: There are far worse things, if you really like the guy.

1- Lead him, but you dont have to LEASH him. Don't talk nonstop about sex if you are wanting to slow down the sexual side of things. We dont run hot and cold, like women do. We respond in kind. So, simmer down a bit. Don't expect the man to plan out elaborate plans for things to do- this is ingrained in us as a courting matter. Take the initiative and plan out things to do that you know we like and that you like too- Make our dates about that- not just us coming over three times a week to watch movies, because we both know where thats headed.

2- Withhold Sex suddenly, out of the blue- at your own risk. We like you. We also like having sex with you. It's part of the deal. We won't get tired of having sex with you (if the sex is good). But EVERY man will get tired of NOT Having sex with you, especially if we sense that it is a form of relationship blackmail. Then you put the focus back on sex by default because we are frustrated.
And - if you DONT enjoy having sex with us, then something is wrong, and this relationship may be doomed, anyway. Enjoy the pleasures that sex gives us both- enjoy the intimacy and explore the things you like-= LEAD us, and we will follow, if we are into you.

3- Remember, if the relationship is new- give it time- have patience to get us used to you, and to the point where we dont want to do without you. If you are that much into us, let it develop. Get to know us, and let us know the REAL you. And go from there.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wave on wave

It's strange, but I am so happy this morning, I actually want to cry- in joy. There's just a flood of emotion welling up in me.

It's soooo odd for me to be like this.