Monday, April 13, 2015

Morality in action

Thinking of my friend Jerry M., who was so disgusted with me for calling out the problems with today's law enforcement. Its always harder to do the right thing.

But that's the deal. Its called the Law. You either support it, and follow it, and Uphold it- OR YOU DON"T. There are no shortcuts to doing the right thing.

If our law enforcement officials justify breaking the law- then it is doomed to failure. You want be a cop? You want to serve and protect? Then you have to hold yourself to higher standards. No, it ain't easy. No, its not fair that criminals break the rules-

You are a Cop. You are a Police officer. The SECOND that you decide you can break the law to justify - ANYTHING- you just became a criminal too. Its that simple.

I keep waiting for ONE GOOD COP to come out and stand up for what's right. I keep waiting for that ballsy Crusader who says- "This isn't right. This is NOT what this is about." I keep waiting for one cop to come out and look at a dirty cop and go= "Damn- that guy is a Disgrace to the force".

But I watch the news every night- and i haven't seen it happen yet. What, does that mean? What does that say to everyone out there who has seen police corruption= when the good cops are obviously held in check by the bad ones?

I've been a bad guy in the past. and i've been to jail, multiple times, and i've paid the debts i incurred, in my ignorance, in my rebelliousness, and in my willfull stupidity. And I dont screw up anymore- not because i dont want to be punished- but because i realize and comprehend the error of those ways. I don't want to be a dumbass, who breaks the law and makes life harder on those around me. I realize that even as a simple citizen, i have a responsibility to not fuck up- to take care of my fellow citizens- by just living right- and not taking advantage of anyone in my day to day life. Hell, even going out of my way to do a good deed or two just to make the world a better place.

its not the easiest way to live- but i do believe its the right way.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Traveller-Heart

By Vachel Lindsay 1879–1931
(To a Man who maintained that the Mausoleum is the Stateliest Possible Manner of Interment)
I would be one with the dark, dark earth:—
Follow the plough with a yokel tread.
I would be part of the Indian corn,
Walking the rows with the plumes o'erhead. 

I would be one with the lavish earth, 
Eating the bee-stung apples red: 
Walking where lambs walk on the hills;
By oak-grove paths to the pools be led.

I would be one with the dark-bright night
When sparkling skies and the lightning wed—
Walking on with the vicious wind
By roads whence even the dogs have fled.

I would be one with the sacred earth
On to the end, till I sleep with the dead.
Terror shall put no spears through me.
Peace shall jewel my shroud instead.

I shall be one with all pit-black things
Finding their lowering threat unsaid:
Stars for my pillow there in the gloom,—
Oak-roots arching about my head!

Stars, like daisies, shall rise through the earth,
Acorns fall round my breast that bled.
Children shall weave there a flowery chain,
Squirrels on acorn-hearts be fed:—

Fruit of the traveller-heart of me,
Fruit of my harvest-songs long sped:
Sweet with the life of my sunburned days
When the sheaves were ripe, and the apples red.