Friday, February 27, 2015

Good men, Good deeds, Good memories

Confusion... Is... nothing new.

Drove home in the snow... really bad roads- I've discovered the secret to driving safely in the snow: Drive Slow and Drink.


I took the girls to Grandmas.  Damn plumbing fucked up on this rent house. again. sigh.

Snow on the ground. lots and lots of snow. Not gonna get fixed this weekend- THIS- I know.

So I drove the slow hour to Lubbock and dropped them off and grandmas.

Hell, its not like I need plumbing= i'll be making drunken Led Zepplin alien marks in the snow for the next 3 days.

So, I got them there, then I got my ass home. Didn't leave the truck right away... cranked the music up, and grabbed a beer out of the backseat once I was safely home. Randomly stuck the stereo on "K" and found a few choice tunes- or maybe- they found me.

So closed off- when the emotions hit- they hit hard.

Somehow, the memory of me selling business cards to Star Books and Comics rose up in my memory.

Not because they were really awesome business cards, or anything like that-

Mainly because I was desperate.

its a long story. I cried over it earlier, reminiscing.

I even imagined writing down the details- and a heartfelt thanks to Robert- the owner of Star- for throwing me a bone, in a time of need- that he couldn't have even understand how low I was at that moment.

Its a good story.

I find that I'm tired of trying to tell these stories- no matter how important they are/were to my life.

Who the fuck am I trying to impress? at this point? Nobody. But, I do want to give credit where credit is due.

Thank you Robert. Your good deed is not forgotten. And it fed my kids that month.