Thursday, August 29, 2013

If all that you fight for in your life is yourself, then you are as nothing.

There's a verse in the Bible-- No, wait! I'm not preaching! Forget I said that word!-- that says something like he who tries to hang on to his life will lose it, but he who lays it down will gain. I always think of it in terms of parenting (Sorry, Jesus!). Those who try to have a "life" at the expense of their kids loses. Those who lay down their lives for their kids are the ones who truly gain/live.

This is why I will always love you, M.

I wasn't thinking of kids, more of causes, but its a good analogy (Thank you Jesus)- To be a Parent - be it of a cause or of a child- is to take responsibility-it is to take a Stand- it is to put yourself between those in need and the storm. If all you are protecting is your own small little world- then you don't stand for much at all. Stand for more than yourself, stand for MORE than your OWN children-

Stand for Everyone's.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Shock me

Blind me with the bright light of your ambivalence,
Smother me with your airy sense of discord
Drown me in your tears of self interest
Crush me with the weight of your Martyrdom-

Shock me by caring about someone other than yourself-