Sunday, November 6, 2011

Concluding arguments

"The older you get, the fewer things you really love".

Is this wisdom, or just boredom with the things you seek and receive?

I know what things I have sought the most in my life. I don't know if it is the same with everyone... Do we all actually get what we want the most?

Do some of us never get what we want, because, having attained what we have gotten, we no longer desire it?

Do some of us never seek what we really want, because we are afraid of not being able to attain it?

Do we satisfy ourselves with less so we will not have the utter disappointment of failure at our heart's desire?

In my case, I'd have to say yes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Love story

It's that moment, when realization dawns. And they see that awful sunrise in your eyes. It's then, that your best friend tells you, he admits to you, he confesses to you- that he loves the woman that you love.

And you turn furious, accusing eyes on her. And you see her love, for him-
but also you see her love for you too...

And at first it blinds, and then it dims. And you think to yourself, I loved her first, man.

And red rage fights a battle in your mind, your heart, your soul.

But, it's never up to- You.

And you look to him, your best friend, and you look to her, your love. You try to figure out, whose betrayal is the worse. And having loved her, and having been there- where he is, with her, you even know more than they do, in that soul-crushing moment.

You realize, how fleeting their love is, and will be - and its a pebble kicked aimlessly onto your coffin, lowered in its grave as you comprehend all the more fully- how fleeting the love you had with her actually was. Now as your inner thoughts scramble to rescue it all- you can't help but feel the finality of that grand love slipping away, as it was inevitably fated to do.

In the moment of that final nightfall over your heart, you forgive them, because you know what they do not- they are doomed too. And that is when you forgive them, despite it all, despite your own hateful heart.

They will find their grail is a poisoned cup, when that love is borne of duplicity. In their hearts, they have betrayed, but the unforgivable betrayal is one of self.