Friday, August 14, 2009


Your Mission: Get drunk, open your mp3 list, and randomly pick out songs, then get more drunk, and chaotically pick out random lyrics, misheard or not, and put them together into one depressing, yet deeply philosophically seeming mishmash.

Lets see how the fuck this works out:

first song was system of a down, about pizza, or some shit. Methinks he was much drunker than I when he wrote this song. Okay, next

Note to self: Metal lyrics used to be the best. But this shit lately is just pathetic..

"I'm the one = you made me= Pirate, Poet- King of despair"

Okay. That is less than pathetic. Thats just full blown embarrassing. I can see a girl blowing this guy backstage, then hearing these lyrics , getting up and walking out on this fucker.

anyway- lets Revisit some oldschool to verify:

okay- ANY song off And Justice for all is just poetry, pure and simple. I once read the lyrics to one of these songs to my father as a sort of protest to his whole existence. Can't do that with slipknot, now can you?

Bob Marley- Overrated? lets see... Could You be loved? - I'm not even 30 seconds into this, and I'm already groovin as much as a white boy can. Over-rated, my ass. Subtle and Sublime.

The Night I called the old man out- Garth Brooks talking about kicking his dads ass. Lame. Lame. Lame. and fake as shit. When you HATE your dad- you will win. you have to win. And by god, you'll beat that fucker like no sad country song can explain...

In Garths defense- heres a song that makes up for that stupid ass shit: Somewhere other than the night- A song about a marriage that re-awakens- something we all wish could happen a lot easier than it does. "Come to realize we'd neglected certain things- there are times she feels alone even by his side.." It's all too true. And harder to fix than a song makes it sound.