Sunday, April 27, 2014

Women love me for who i "Am" if they could only change me

What ifs are knives in your back. The truth is, Yes, you could have settled for this person, or that person in the past- and it might have worked out. But there's Always a reason that you didn't Settle. And thank god that you didn't- because you would have only brought pain to that person, if your heart wasn't in it.

Some of us just weren't made for those octogenarian photo shoots into our own limelight. Some of us can't settle. We can't even settle on ourselves- HOW could we ever be expected to settle on someone else for that level of permanence. We can't. We can try. But its a doomed endeavor, I'm afraid.

Some of us aren't meant for the normal route. Just not in our blood- Deep inside- its not arrogance- its not ego-= its that we Understand - MORE than anyone else- that we would fail at this relationship horseshit- just not our thing to compromise on that level. Maybe we are too invested in ourselves, but really I think, after so many failed relationships- that its a mercy that I don't let another woman talk me into another relationship.

Women always tell me they love me for who I am, but that I can change.... I admire the blind optimism of their ambition. if not their hypocrisy